What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (Chinese, from Feng ⾵ ‘wind’ and Shui ⽔  ‘water.’) is a Chinese Metaphysics system used to  study and benefit from the natural energies (Qi 氣) of  the living world around us. It is deeply rooted in the  culture of the Chinese and Asian countries and forms  a historic pillar since the time of the First Emperor in  Imperial China

Feng Shui was originally known as “Kan Yu” (the art of observation of the forces between Heaven and Earth), is part of Chinese Five  Arts. The term ‘Feng Shui’ was used only officially towards the end of the Qing Dynasty. Historic documents indicate that the subject  with its 2000 year history has over time has been subject to significant development, refinement and further expansion into what  modern practitioners now know as Classical Feng Shui.  Feng Shui is classified under physiognomy of the living environment. It is a system of formulas and calculations that enable the  practitioners to assess the potential and outcome of a person, or in this case, the out come of a person living in a certain property.   THE INVISILBLE FORCES