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Business and Career


Your bazi chart is a map of what is your destiny like, what are your talents, your personality, who you really are. With your BaZi chart we can see the potential opportunities and obstruction that may be affecting you.

You will be able to se your current Luck period , what changes or what type of challenges you could be living and the most important thing, how to avoid them.

It’s like seen a map and deciding what road to take and from there, how to get to your destination.

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San Yuan Feng Shui

Feng shui deals with the 80% of energy moved by the stars. By using this information we know how the 20 percent of physical bodies will be affected by living in a certain property.

The quality of your life or as my teacher calls it earths luck can be improved by practicing Feng Shui.

We can provide you with practical solutions to implement in your daily lives that will help you achieve your goals in an easy and fulfilling way.

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Qi Men Dun Jia

Qimen is about placing people in the right place at the right time.

This technique was made by an strategist called Shuge Liang, he developed this technique to help him win legendary battles.

In our days Qi Men Dun Jia can be use  in our everyday activities, such as helping political campaigns, negotiations, or any practice that need tu use a specific tactic.

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Corporate Strategy

In major companies around the world there are always important decisions to be make, like what direction should the company go in order to obtain certain result.

When to launch a campaign to be a total success, how to move away from a potential failure, or how to win a certain party to be on your side, this is made by using various tools that help us oversees all aspects of the problem to ensure the actions to take will work perfectly, and will help the company achieve their goals. 

Annual Assessment

Every year the luck cycles change and so the energies affecting us, to put an example, it is like air B&B tha changed the way accommodations work and how we vacation forcing the travel industry to evaluate their strategies and forcing them to move to a certain position in order to take advantage of this situations. 

Any annual assessment we do for your business or career is to ensure you will keep on track helping you to detect any bumps ahead of time. By knowing this you can make plans on how to meet certain opportunities that might appear.

Business Advisory

The advisory you can receive on your business goes form a feng shui assessment, to place the right team in the right place at your office, to the selection of good dates, selling dates for every team member, strategic execution or preparing major events, selecting launching dates to ensure a taylored formula to ensure your success


The Quantum Session seeks to restore the relationship between mind and body, it is a method that by natural means corrects the causes of the disease and recovers the potential of being, for this reason, the therapy seeks to restore the correct vibratory state of the body or space. Read More


Bioneuroemoción® is a method focused on achieving a mind more conscious through a deeper understanding of our way of perceiving the world, without blames and learning to take full responsability or our actions and their results. Read More