We are all interconnected

What is Qi?

Qi embraces all manifestations of energy, from the most material aspects of energy (such as the earth beneath your feet, your computer, and flesh and blood) to the most immaterial aspects (light, movement, heat, nerve impulses, thought, and emotion).

Qi accumulates in the water and flows throu rivers or in this modern era in streets.

Qi is everywhere!

We all feed from the same Qi or energy, a person, an animal, an event, a house or an office. When the Qi flow is stoped, reduced or to low, it will produce certain disbalances causing health issues, lack of money, bankruptcy or make you go into a downward spiral.  If you know the kind of Qi that is available and how to work with it, how to use it to your advantage, it becomes a super strength you can use on your everyday endeavors.  You would be surprised on how many five fortune companies use this as their secret weapon.

Once you understand we all use the same source of energy we can put on the table a little bit of Quantum mechanics… so if we are all connected through Qi then we are all interconnected so everything you say, you think and you do matters, because it creates quantum entanglements. Knowing this, I ask you, wouldn’t it be great to connect to the right Qi, the right day, or even connect to the right person and use all these information to create meaningful and intelligent decisions?

Where is your mind right now?

Let me help you create meaningful entanglements.

Strategic Execution

Through various techniques from Chinese Metaphysics we help you achieve your goals.


Feng shui comes from the word Feng (wind) and shui (water), is a Chinese system use to benefit from the natural energies or Qi available in nature.

Quantum Healing

Using the SCIO/Eductor we read and realign your frequencies to help you become the best version of you!

Date Selection

Implementing the right energies for the correct procedure on a specific day is the way we guarantee we will attain the results we want in life.


Your bazi chart is a map of what is your destiny like, what are your talents, your personality, who you really are. With this chart we can see the potential opportunities and obstruction that may be affecting you.

Qimen Dun Jia

In our days Qi Men Dun Jia can be use  in our everyday activities, such as helping political campaigns, negotiations, or any practice that need tu use a specific tactic.

Using Qi wisely can make a big difference

Energy is neither good or bad, and still is able to affect our everyday, our environment, our house, our office and ourselves in a different way depending on our own configuration.

If we know the dynamics, direction, and how energy is working, we can use it for ourselves.

In Chinese Metaphysics we use tools to help you support your goals, ideas and developments so you can reach them easily.


Our body is water


Is flesh and bones

Opportunity days

Elements in the game

Align your life

It is important to know the type of energy you are tapping into right now in order to make conscious changes in your life.

If you know where you are standing energetically, it will be much more easier to deliver the kind of energy you want to your family, your wife, your friends or your market, when to deliver it and how to deliver it, then you can say your are using all the tools you need to create success in your life and your business.

How to use it!

The calculations in Feng Shui can support one’s own goals and possibilities by making optimal use of the living or working area. Adapted to our fast-paced, modern world, the calculations of the „Flying Stars“ are particularly helpful. Knowledge of one’s own „GUA“ number, based on the date of birth, gives the information WHERE in a building in which directions is the most support.

In Chinese astrology ( BaZi ) one finds an explanation for the abilities, potentials and possibilities of development on one’s own life path. Based on the year of birth, month, day and hour, very concrete statements can be made about a person’s abilities, possibilities and strategies.

With the technique of QiMen (art of warcraft) you calculate WHEN and where your own actions and plans find the most support for their realization. Often a good idea does not fail because of the idea as such, but that the right place and the right time has not been chosen, and thus the supporting energy was missing.

Personalized services

Doing your job sometimes is not enough.

A successful business is not built just on your expertise, it needs mastering all the business pieces and mantaining the interconnection among them in a profitable and fruitful way.

Being aware that there are helpful energies, days, and information that can help us guarantee our success its a plus we must embrace if we want to be succesful

No matter where you are

Follow the success path

Always choose excellent days

Feel safe and backed up

What Our Customers Say

To speak of an energy balance is not to speak of an intangible or unattainable concept, but on the contrary, it is so real that, by living and experiencing it, you can confirm its existence and its benefits. Personally, it is clear to me that the decline of health or adverse situations are not only an issue related to poor nutrition or spontaneous conditions of life, there are other factors that have always been present in the history of humanity but that they have been ignored by our habits and customs. At Gapema you can rediscover that hidden potential towards energy balance through different skills and areas of knowledge that are ancient. Without a doubt, the path to health and well-being is a great adventure, let yourself be guided and the results will surprise you… Live it!

Gerardo Villavicencio

Revolve Renewable Power

In the month of October 2021, my mother is admitted to the hospital for a scheduled operation on the womb.

She comes out of the surgery perfectly well.

She leaves the hospital walking and after two days she stops walking, loses sphincter control, loses coordination, becomes delusional. We went back to the hospital and ran all the studies you can think of, Tomography, electros, x-rays, colonoscopy, resonance, blood chemistry, protein study.

Review with three neurologists, two, internists, traumatologist, geriatrician, nutritionist and nobody gave us a diagnosis.

After all the studies they did not know what my mother had.

We called Polo to help us with chinese metaphysics and SCIO and the diagnosis came up with energy issues.

A week after my mother was in treatment with Polo, she began to coordinate, she began to walk to eat.

The doctors just tell me that he hit the jackpot.

They told me that my mom would walk in 8 months.

My mom walked at 4 weeks without the help of any equipment

thanks Pol

Alejandra Jimenez


I have two and a half years in which Pol gives me my dates of sale, every week I organize myself according to these dates that are my days of abundance and on those days I promote my books more, I organize my sessions of past lives, and everything It has to do with promotion.
Several years ago when the pandemic started I was anguished, because of the abundance, I took several EDUCTOR sessions with him and he helped me with the dates, you have to be disciplined and do the things he tells you, don’t forget the date selection because it works!!

Carmen Martínez Jover

Quantum Healer and author


Water Rabbit 2023

In Water Rabbit year there’ll be loads of changes or better term is the metamorphosis or major life transformation begins to happen prior stepping into a new era of Period 9. This is the year for everyone to learn and seek wisdom on how to manage your own emotion as well as ability to seek for own liberty & spiritual pursuit.

  • Metal 4% 4%
  • Water 9% 9%
  • Wood 47% 47%
  • Fire 35% 35%
  • Earth 5% 5%

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