Your bazi chart is a map of what is your destiny like, what are your talents, your personality, who you really are. With this chart we can see the potential opportunities and obstruction that may be affecting you.

We think that the results you get in life, depend on the decisions you make, so the outcome of a bazi sesión will help you to take better and more informed decisions, taken by the information we obtain from your chart and the observations we provide to have a better point of view.

The decisions you take, will make a true difference in your life, if you understand your options, how the energies of a certain period of time are interacting with you and the opportunities you can have, is how your will take advantage of this consultation.

If we understand our internal habilitéis, talents, how we process thoughts and our personality, its how we can take advantage of opportunities presented in life and how we can take advantage of  events by doing them at the right time and with the correct energy.

Using BaZi can be the map to finding success, good fortune and happiness.

Joey Yap