What is Bioneuroemoción®

Bioneuroemoción® is a method focused on achieving a mind more conscious through a deeper understanding of our way of perceiving the world

When we talk about having a deeper understanding of our way of perceiving, we mean being responsible for our interpretations, knowing our context and unlearning all those automatisms that condition our life. The techniques used in Bioneuroemoción® are aimed so that people can modify their perception of their situations, becoming aware of the information they have at the unconscious level. In summary, the current method is developed in the following four phases:

Analysis Identify a situation of stress, maladaptive behavior or emotional blockage.

Compression Deepen the meaning and unconscious causes associated with the conflict.

Learning Recognize the aspects that are influencing or favoring these experiences.

Application Expand resources and learn to use them to enhance emotional well-being

In short, the practice of Bioneuroemoción® promotes a development of the level of consciousness. All of this is associated with greater life satisfaction, as well as an increase in emotional health and global well-being, better interpersonal relationships and creation of more positive realities. An empirically tested method, contrasted by more than 22,000 people around the world and endorsed by different university centers.

It is a method composed of different scientific, philosophical and humanistic disciplines: • Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology

• Emotions

• Behavioral epigenetics

• Biology

• NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming)

• Psychology


Bioneuroemoción® closely follows the latest research on the relationship between emotions, the immune system and the endocrine system. In this way we can understand to what extent psychology is related to the most structural and organic part of the physical body and how all these systems do not work in isolation, but influence each other. All this forms a large part of the paradigm that integrates Bioneuroemoción®.


Bioneuroemoción® studies what emotions are, how they originate and what role they play in lived experiences. Special emphasis is placed on the concept of perceived stress, understood as a state of emotional disturbance that contains implicit meaning. Emotions hide information related to our unmet needs, anchor our memories and condition our reactions. This emotional information reveals deep aspects of who experiences it and also defines interpersonal relationships. and the subjective well-being of each human being.

Behavioral epigenetics

Behavioral epigenetics offers a new perspective that describes the mechanisms by which we inherit emotional and behavioral information related to the experiences lived in the family system. Bioneuroemoción® studies the field of epigenetics and uses it to have a holistic approach and integrator of our emotional conflicts.


Bioneuroemoción® draws on biology from an evolutionary phylogenetic perspective. Use the symbolism of each organ as complementary information to understand the different conflict situations. It takes into account natural trends, archetypal social representations and other predominantly humanistic paradigms that allow us to understand each situation taking into account the most primitive and basic nature of each person. All organic and biological manifestations are multifactorial, the method addresses the emotional factor.

NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming)

The theoretical framework on which neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is based refers to the effect our thoughts and beliefs have on both our organism and our decisions. It offers tools through which to inquire in our unconscious through verbal and nonverbal language. In Bioneuroemoción®, resources from this discipline are used to highlight the subjective experience that keeps a person trapped in a situation and, once located, to be able to contribute resources in order to broaden their perception and thus improve


Bioneuroemoción® takes into account many concepts and tools from different psychological approaches. It cannot be compared to a therapy in psychology since it has different objectives, dynamics and paradigms, but, nevertheless, it is a perfect complement to it. Both from the point of view of a psychologist who has it integrated when carrying out the exercise of his profession, as that of a consultant who, combining both approaches, can obtain a more global and complete vision of his situation. Behind the management and emotional manifestation there are psychological components that have to be taken into account and therefore form part of the theoretical and practical foundation of the method.

Bioneuroemoción® is a proven method by more than 22,000 people around the world.