How to use date selection?

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How do you use date selection is the question everyone asks, well by implementing the right energies for the correct procedure is how we attain the results we want in life.

For example implementing Feng Shui cures, they have to be done in the right day and hour of the day to get the desired results. 

Let’s understand that this practice is been around for thousands of years and Chinese masters and astrologers made this technique now available to all of us.

Every year has different cycles that can have a profound effect in us, just as the moon affects the tides, why wouldn’t be affected if we are made of 80% water in our bodies.

Using a good date with a proper timing are often used to lower the impact of different situations, like clashes, harms in Bazi, as well as for feng shui cures.

If we could use an example to explain the idea better, date selection is like knowing what days are the most favorable for fertility matters with your couple, if we use those days we can somehow put ourselves in a better position to accomplish our goal, same thing for marriages, and good dates to sign a specific contract.

There are other uses if we want to avoid accidentally activate negative afflictions of a 3 killings, five yellow or gran duke, we advice our clients when to do renovations, excavations and what type of cures they might, as well as when to avoid doing certain actions that could agraviate certain situation.