Congested cities, rush hour, gridlock and air contaminated by exhaust gases represent the face of the urban environment.

Our design and mobility concept stands out from the market through our approach of creating more mobility combined with less traffic and pollution. Since eMobility alone does not solve all traffic problems, our project also focuses on intelligent movement in urban areas by saving a lot of time when it comes to covering short distances. Based on a classic scooter, we develop a modern, extravagant mobility solution that turns its original idea into something completely new. The result, a lifestyle city scooter with a pulse operation mode based on an electric motor is extraordinary but still suitable for the daily use. It is of premium quality and reflects true high-tech.

Unlike many other means of transportation, our mobility solution neither requires a license, a helmet nor an official concession. Driven in Eco mode, one battery charge will last about 30 days in the urban environment.

We proudly present the “Scrooser” – the unique mobility solution for the urban, environmentally conscious individual. For those who get bored of just walking and driving, and for those that think cycling is not their personal style, our urban mobile will be the solution!  

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