Buddhist Bootcamp

I worked for a software development company in the early nineties with managing partners who used to scream and cuss at us all the time! They would literally throw piles of paper across the room and yell, “File this!” and they constantly fought with one another in front of everybody. Oh man, I hated that job so much that I used to cry in the bathroom on my breaks. Sadly, I stayed there for over a year because I thought having that company’s name on my résumé would be impressive. As it turned out, however, the company folded a month after I left and nobody ever cared that I worked there.

Yes, Buddhism teaches us to be tolerant and accepting, but tolerance does NOT mean accepting what is harmful. That is where you can draw the line. Even if you think there are benefits to staying in a situation that is harmful, I urge you to reconsider. Abuse is never justified, and it is only when we don’t love ourselves that we allow others to treat us with disrespect. When you love yourself, you can do anything with dignity and be appreciated for it, or you can take your skills elsewhere.

Success means being happy, and nobody deserves to hate what they do for a living. So love yourself enough to choose happiness every time, and you will be the most successful person in the world!

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